Monday, 6 May 2013

A Little Sunday Crafting

Last Sunday I had an utterly blissful day.  I didn't get dressed.  I stayed in my PJs all day and didn't leave The Granny Shack.  I pottered around and crafted to my heart's content! 
I had a little idea in my head. 
It started with a little customising idea.  I decided I wanted to put a little something on the pockets of a plain nave cardigan I had.  I fancied the idea of some cherries (I have a soft spot for cherries.  Anything with a cherry design gets my vote!)  I'd made a cherry brooch before but that used red spheres for a more 3D effect.  I just winged the pattern.  I made two red circles (or four as I made a pair of cherries for each pocket.)  I then didn't fancy faffing about with leaves (even though I know they are super simple to make.)  I wanted this to be a very quick make.  I decided that a long green chain tied into a bow would look just darling for this purpose. 
Ta dahhhhhhhh!  A super quick, super simple make.  It has definitely brightened up this cardie.  I've worn it once and it was much admired.  Now I feel the urgent need to change the buttons.  I think I have just the ones too.........
My super crafting Sunday didn't come to an end there.  I found some cute flowers that I knew would make lovely brooches in this book So I had a play around with the pattern and made this.
This was a fun make and I enjoyed doing a bit of stiching for a change.  I wore this one day last week but unfortunately I lost the flower!  That'll teach me for taking short cute.  I used my glue gun to attach the flower to the brooch back.  I should have stitched it!  Lesson learnt!
Still, there's more!  I have developed a little love of all things cute and housey (you may remember my little line of homemade house on my Mantelpiece of Special Things in my last post.)  When I was at Knit and Natter the other week I purchased this gorgeous brooch from the selection of gorgeous hand made goodies on display in the Glass Cabinets of Temptation in the shop!
I love it and this brooch together with my gorgeous beany pal's Arthur pattern got my creative cogs a tickin and I decided I could knit a house brooch of my own.  I raided my fabric and button stash and the ideas kept a flowin!  First I knitted a house...........

Then I crocheted a house .............
Then I knitted another house (and had fun with stripes and dinky bunting......
By Sunday evening I felt a great sense of achievement.  Sometimes making small things really hits that urge of instant satisfaction.  I had great fun playing around with different ideas.  Each house lead to new ideas and half way through each one I was excited about possible ideas for the next!  I still have some other ideas jotted down in my Notebook of Crafty Ideas but they are saved for another day.
A few days later, on Wednesday, I was out in my local shopping centre with a friend I am teaching to crochet (although we didn't do much crocheting this time!) and we ended up browsing John Lewis' habadashery department.  I found some cute bird box fabric which I knew I had to buy for my gorgeoud buddy  Cuckoo as her craft room is called The Bird Box and all things birdie/bird boxy always make me think I her.  I had no idea what she'd be able to do with it or if she'd even like it but I just had to get some.  The fabric created another little crafty idea in my head.  Her birthday is today but I had it in my head that it was later in May so hadn't even started making the (not so little) project I had in mind so I hoped I could pull off my new idea in a jiffy and pop in it the post in time for her to get it for her birthday.  Here's what I made.......
a dinky bird box brooch fitting with my current crafty theme!  I'm rather pleased with it.  It was made with a whole lot of love and thoughts of Cuckoo
I wonder what kind of brooch I can make next?!  I loves a brooch I do.  I find that they really perk up a cardie or a jacket (or a cape!)
I'll leave you with a little WIP that became a FO since I last posted.  A baby blanket for an old uni friend who had a baby in March (I got a bit slack at sewing in the ends.  The blanket was finished yonks before I actually got my ass into gear and sewed them all in!)
I found it tricky to part with this one as I had grown quite attached to it and think it looked quite good over the back of my sofa on top of the other one!  Currently planning a Cath Kidston inspired granny square blanket for myself!  Watch this space!
What have you been making lately you lovely people you? Hope your days are being filled with sunshine and crafting!
Love love love
Erin x


  1. All those brooches are very cute but my favorite is the one with the bunting! You've been a busy bee at the granny shack,hope you'd a restful bank holiday! Hazel xxx

    1. Why thank you Hazel. I had a very restful bank holiday weekend. Very little in the way of crafting at all. Need to up my yarn supplies for my current ideas! E x

  2. I really like all of those brooches. I really like the blue one with the bird.

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