Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Granny Shack

Hello there lovelies!
Now,  I promised previously that I would bring you more news about my little flat (or The Granny Shack, as it has been affectionately renamed by Nicki.) 
I love this little flat sooooo much and while it isn’t mine, it’s only rented, it’s the first time that I have lived completely on my own and I LOVE it!  I was getting to the point that no matter how nice the houses were, house shares weren’t for me.  I couldn’t get it out of my head that I still felt like a student living in one.  I felt I really needed my own space to do with what I pleased.  To be surrounded with just my stuff, no-one else’s, somewhere to make pretty and feel like home for me.

see completely surrounded by MY STUFF!

So I am going to give you a few little glimpses into The Granny Shack and what I have done to it so far.  It’s still very much a work in progress and I have a whole heap of ideas that I’ve pinned on my “For the flat” Pinterest board but I like how it’s starting to look.  There are some rooms that I’ve focused on more than others at this stage, namely the ones that visitors see!  My bedroom had become a bit of a dumping/hiding the mess room until the other weekend when I finally got it semi sorted (just some furniture to acquire before I can start unpacking some of the boxes that I’ve hidden away in the very many wardrobes.)
I’m happy with how the living room is looking at the moment, again just a bit of furniture to get for that so I can have my crafty books displayed properly but it feels homely and more importantly it feels like me. 

My sofa with The Blanket on it and my gorgeous Erin cushion.  I made a slight Dottie Angel inspired wall with pictures and pompoms and the gorgeous tea towel sent to me from my IG buddie @jacci just had to be up there too!

Love my mantelpiece and it displays many of my favouritest things on it.  I am so proud of my little knitted houses and this latest addition on the left is a gorgeous pincushion, one of two pincushions, made for me by my gorgeous buddy Cuckoo when I hinted last week that I didn't own a pincushion.   This is turning into a proper little Somerset village.  The knitted house is called The Higgledy Piggeldy Somerset Cottage (because it's far from perfect and I made it mainly in Somerset.)  The one to the right is the Granny Annex of the cottage and my new one has been named Myrtle Cottage by Cuckoo (after a similarish looking cottage in her village!)

I love that I have a dresser too.  This is mainly filled with crafty bits and some more gorgeous prints (but I am going to do a separate post about Art Work around the Granny Shack and give full credit to all the lovely arty people I have discovered.)

I love having fresh flowers about the place.  This is my favourite and my best jug and I love it to be paired with gorgeous flowers.  Love this quote too (but that's for my art work post too.)

I love baking up a storm and having friends over for tea and cakes.  Yum yum!  I'm writing this at lunch time and thinking how nice it would be to have a scone with jam and cream right now with a steaming hot cuppa!

Yes we need a closer look at that gorgeous cake stand made by the equally gorgeous Claire aka Mummybird  I love this spoon and fork too and plan to add to the collection so I can use cake forks at my tea parties.  Bought from the scrumptious The Corner House

I have mainly focused my attention on the living room and the kitchen.  I will show you a better glimpse of the kitchen when I am at home in daylight hours. 

It's safe to say that cook books feature a lot in my kitchen along with lots of other pretties.  More for The Granny Shack Part II

My bedroom was getting me down a bit as it was a bit forgotten about.  Living on my own I can spend my time in any room I like when I like so the bedroom is mainly for sleeping (rather than chilling or hiding!) so things got a bit shoved in there.  For now, to inject some instant cheeriness I have added some Cath Kidston bedding and some lovely bunting from  Jane (of littleteawagon fame.)  I have a couple of Katie Daisy prints up there washi taped to the wall but they feel a little lost.  Think they may need framing and displaying on a shelf.  I have another idea for that wall behind the bed which will be part of my Easter Holidays Granny Shack Project.

A few more tulips to add instant colour to my very white looking bedroom.  I was very sad to discover that my latest Rob Ryan mug had the tiniest of chips in it.  Once I noticed it I couldn't bring myself to use it so it can be a flower holder instead.  I think it suits the tulips quite well.

I will be back with a few more flat snaps soon.  I'm really loving making my flat a home and putting my own quirky stamps on it.  I have a whole host of exciting ideas (Pinterest you have a lot to answer for) to inject into the space and am planning a rather exciting trip over the Easter holidays to pick up a few pieces for The Granny Shack.

Have a good day you lovely lot!

Love love love

Erin x

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