Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Blanket Love

One of the main reasons I wanted to learn to crochet was so that I could make blankets.  Right up there on the top of my list was a traditional granny square blanket for myself! 

This is the beginnings of that blanket!  Only three years later I am making myself that traditional granny afghan. 

The reason for this massive wait?!  Making lots of lovely blankets but giving them all away!!

There were the ripple blankets..........

The granny stripe blankets............


(That there on top of the Starburst blanket is a granny stripe for my aunt's birthday.  Her birthday was 6th March!  I still have the blanket in my flat.  Only difference is that it's now safely away in a cupboard not adorning my sofa but the temptation is there, I'll tell you!!!)

The Spring Time Throw blankets........

The Fancy Square blankets .........


The Blankets That Appeared in a Book Blankets ......

The Catherine Wheel Blankets ........


(This one was for Kath's baby George.  I've make another one like this, very similar indeed.  Just different ribbon.  It was the original one that Kath admired so I said I'd make her one for when her little one.  Had to make this a bit quicker than I'd planned as George was five weeks early!)

The Japanese Hexigon Blanket.......

I love this one.  I'm currently making myself one of these too (running out of yarn has halted the process at the mo!  I'm reliably infomed at least one of the colours I'm using has been discontinued!)

Finally The Granny Square Blanket......

It was making the blanket above that made me get my ass into gear and make myself a granny square.  I found it very hard to part with the blanket above (but doesn't little Bethany look content with it?!)

I have made many other blankets.  I just don't happen to have pictures of them all.  The problem is that most of my friends keep reproducing.  I can't help but make blankets for all the little babies that keep popping up.  Blankets are a joy to make.  They're not quick projects but a whole lot of love get stitched into each and every one.  The added bonus to making baby blankets is that they are small (although I do tend to make them a bit bigger than I probably should.  I like a blanket to look like it would be a useful size for a very long time and babies grow you know!)

What's your favourite thing to make?

Must dash.  There's more blankets to be made!

Love love love

Erin xxx


  1. I love making blankets too! I have so many, and like you I've given many away too. Yet still I have an endless list of blankets to make! This rainbow stripe I'm making is actually the first time I've ever made the same pattern twice. Isn't it fun to try out new stitches and yarns?

  2. Ps I'm very impressed by your back catalogue! Love the ripple with all the white, ad the Japanese hexies. Gorgeous!

    1. Indeedy. I have a whole heap of other blankets pinned that I can't wait to make. Have a July baby and a September baby to make blankets for. Would like to try something new for those. There's always more blankets for the flat though. I think the Granny Shack needs more crocheted blankets to be truly worthy of its name!! X

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