Sunday, 12 May 2013

About two years ago, yes it was two years ago, May 1st 2011 to be precise (thanks Statigram) I set myself up an Intagram account.  I didn't do very much with it.  I only joined because I was being nosey.  A couple of my FB friends were posting IG pictures on their pages and I wanted to see what it was all about.  I can't remember when I started using my IG account as much as I do now (and by that I mean obsessively!)  I think that may have been around Easter time last year but without trawling through my account I'm not really sure how I'd find that out.  I think it may have been after reading about some of my favourite bloggers using IG so I went to check them out (ie. stalk!)

It was only after I started using IG more and following more people and talking to people on it that it got me thinking a bit more about my IG aims.  Here, inside my phone, were loads of people with whom I shared multiple interests.  People who I would never have met or found if they hadn't lived in this little community in my phone!  The more I got "talking" to people the more I thought about how great it would be to meet some of these people IRL (see how I'm converting to text speak! haha!!  I don't use it seriously, just as a bit of a joke with a few other IG buddies.)  These people didn't make me feel like I was strange because I enjoyed making things in my spare time (an aside to this, I have been told by a lady who worked with me that I was born in the wrong century and that I should be out pole dancing of an evening, not embroidering or crocheting!!)  The more I thought about it the more I thought that some of these people could actually be "my kind of people" and I was sure that we'd get on swimmingly in real life.  I often got that feeling when I read other people's blogs but as a non blogger I didn't tend to leave many comments on people's blogs and thought that contacting bloggers was a bit stalkerish if I wasn't a blogger myself!  Although there is a stalkerish elemement to IG at least there was the potential for it to be mutual!! hehe!

So, reason no. 1 for loving Instragram my new found crafty buddies. 

Without IG I would never have met the super lovely Cuckoo  and the gorgeous Beany  both of these fabulous ladies I now consider as dear friends (IRL.)

Cuckoo is one of the "my favourite bloggers who started using IG that I went to stalk" as mentioned earlier!  I have already confessed to Cuckoo that I was a bit of a stalker.  She's ok with this!  She's even given me a couple of tests to check!  I must say I failed the test, so maybe I'm not such a stalker after all!  The first time I met Cuckoo it was a bit like meeting a celebrity (in my eyes!)  She said I looked a bit shellshocked when she threw herself at me! haha!!

Haha!!  Cuckoo will no doubt go mad when she sees this! ( It's the only pic I had of you, honest!! I wish I still had the text in which you gave me permission to publish any pictures I had of you!)  Cuckoo in her Bird Box after we'd had a couple of drinks with dinner!!  Such a fun weekend.  I love my time with Cuckoo and her brood!  Can't wait until half term!

I'm laughing now as this is the only picture I have of you Suzie!! haha!!  (thought I had the one of you holding the baby you found in your tights!)

This picture makes me smile.  Suzie loves beans and this is one of her cuddly beans!  I was making one of these while at Suzie's one weekend and it turned out far bigger than it should have been.  Suzie tells me that my tension was too loose.  I gave it to this bean as a hat!  I think he looks happy about it!

Not many friends would knit you!  This always makes me laugh.  It's a pincusion that Suzie designed of my head.  I can't even remember how this came about other than one lazy crafty Sunday Suzie decided to knit me!!  I'm definitely adding this to my CV.  Pin cushion model!  I bet no-one else has ever done that!


  1. Brilliant, knitclub looks like so much fun ! I love that IG is full of people like yourself, it's so nice to see what other crafty things people are making, I don't know what i'd do without it :)

    1. I know, it's fab isn't it?! I find it very inspiring too. It's great to see pics of everyone's makes and fabric and yarn choices. Can be a bit dangerous for the old bank balance too! Have you moved? I am very aware that I still need to send you a crafty gift. x

  2. I follow you on IG, I love your pics and how you talk to all the people that live in your phone (what a lovely way of putting it!) and how you mention how much you enjoy working with children with special needs (I'm salliann on IG!) I also follow some of your IRL's and I love reading through some of the zany conversations you guys have....if that's not stalker-ish I don't know what is!!
    will keep following....from a safe distance of course ;)

    1. Haha I'm laughing at the idea of stalkers. Great that IG can make it feel like it's not a bad thing. Stalking in a good way. Great to find people with similar tastes and interests. x

  3. so, Erin, if I've found you here does that mean I'm YOUR stalker - or are you mine first!!
    I wouldn't have met Cuckoo if not for blogging - and I know the internet gets blamed for all sorts of things but bringing like minded people together (from all over the world, never mind country)is one of the most amazing things about it.
    Haven't met Suzie beans as yet - but if she's in need of a new stalker since you are now friends tell her to come a knocking. I'm not proud
    fee x

    1. Haha Fee! That's so funny. I nearly admitted to being your stalker before (I may have read through a whole chunk of your old posts over the Easter holidays!) I'm definitely not proud! I feel like I kind of know you though, your name (and Cleggy's) comes up a lot in conversation wiht Cuckoo! Not in a bad way though don't you worry!
      Yes, bravo to the internet. I'm glad I've made new friends!
      Erin x

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