Sunday, 1 December 2013

Granny Shack Love


I absolutely love my little Granny Shack.  I've been there just over a year now and it really does feel like home.  It's come a long way from the blank canvas I moved into and feels lovely and cosy (despite being freezing at this time of year due to the rubbish heating.)  It's full on handmade makes made by myself and my crafty friends.

The Granny Shack is it's official name.  The above sign is testament to that fact!  This sign hangs proudly on my living room door.  It was made by the super talented Fee according to my rather rambling not too specific specifications.  It includes everything I asked for right down to the cats, doilies, spots and buttons. 

The Granny Shack now has a second gorgeous name sign.  This one a hoop perfectly decorated by the very lovely Hen and is currently residing on top on my printers tray.  I really do love it. 

Both signs very different but both represent my little Granny Shack wonderfully.  I did say to Hen yesterday that I am going to have to call wherever I live The Granny Shack now!  This year has gone so quickly and I have only 6 months left of my contract.  With the property market perking up I have a suspicion that the land lady (or her son) will really try to sell it this time around.  It will be hard to leave but I am finding myself a little restless.  Who knows what 2014 holds in store for me...........................

love love love

Erin x

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