Sunday, 24 November 2013

Brooch Love

I have an absolute, unwavering love of brooches.  I have always worn a brooch on a coat or a jacket but over the last few months, after much inspiration I have started to wear a brooch on cardigans too.  in fact brooches are my now daily accessory go to.  At work a necklace isn't always practical and I have learnt the hard way after having many a cheap necklace broken.  Brooches make a statement while remained firmly out of the way!
I have a few favourites which I'm sure you're all itching to see and a few favourite brooch makers that I would like to introduce you to if you don't already know of their talents.

Through Instagram I have *met* the super lovely Ali who makes adorable felt and Liberty print brooches available here To say I am a fan is a little understatement.  I am smitten with Ali's gorgeous creations and I have quite a fine collection!  Here's a few of them:

Cute fun brooches that brighten up any outfit!  Ali's stitching is exquisite, I only wish I could work such tiny neat stiches. 

Another super talented lady who has made a number of my favourites is the very gorgeous Hen I have admired her work for years through being a bit of a lurker on her blog *slaps wrists* and am happy to say that Hen is now one of my real life crafty buddies who is an absolute pleasure to hang out with.  I have some of Hen's gorgeous felt flower posies inspired by original 1940's designs.

Anemones are my absolute favourite flower so I knew I had to have this when I saw it in Hen's Etsy shop 


 I am also the very lucky recipient of two brooches gifted to me by Hen, someone who has a mutual brooch love and knows me so well already.
 I just love this fun quirky tic toc clock brooch.  It adds a lot of colourful fun to an outfit and gets many admirers whenever I wear it.  I just love it!
I was blown away and completely overwhelmed when I unwrapped this one at my little birthday gathering.  It was the first time I had met Hen and was amazed to receive such a gorgeous generous gift.  This has to me THE favourite and I save it for weekends and holidays so it doesn't get grabbed by little hands.  Such beautiful stitching and fabrics.  Swooooooooooooon.
My friends know me well and I have received several brooch gifts for occasions and some just because I have very lovely, thoughtful friends.

My gorgeous friend Nicki gave me this brooch as part of my birthday present and I just love it.  Everything does indeed stop for tea!  Love the little dinky doily on there too! 
 I received this brooch as a *just because* gift from the super lovely Claire who is an absolute gem and someone I am so happy to call a friend (check out her Etsy page for the lovely jewellery makes, maybe my Mummybird collection should be my next post!)  This brooch was made by one of Claire's market friends, Teresa, and I feel really bad that I don't know what her Etsy shop is called to link to.  I feel extra guilty about that as I spent the day yesterday on Claire's market stall right next to Teresa's!!
I also have a couple of very sweet birdie brooches which I adore.
This cutie was made by the very talented Anna Wiscombe and I bought this brooch from the lovely lady herself at Spittalfields market.
Not forgetting this very cute little birdie bought here
I have been dabbling in a little brooch making myself and have had some mixed results.  I love the inspiration I get from brooches I own, brooches I see, from Pinterest and of course ideas I dream up (which probably are a combination of all the aforementioned places! )
I knitted this little brooch as a sample for a knitting session where I acted as assistant teacher to the super knitter and crocheter extraorindaire Catherine 
I made this little brooch to practice my French knots, a stitch which I find so tricky to get my head around!  I think I've cracked it now though!!
What's your go to accessory of choice?  Any fellow brooch lovers out there?  Please do share your favourites and introduce me to your favourite makers at my peril!!
Love love love
Erin x


  1. Oh i'm with you on the brooch love. I was just going through the house this morning collecting them all up and putting them back in one place again. I love them on tops and blouses and jackets too. They really are a great accessory. You have some beauties though erin....lucky lucky you!

    Hope you are well my friend

    Take care

    Vanessa xxx

  2. You know I am in total agreement on the brooch front. Cannot love them more.
    Thank you my love for your kind words and plug for my designs. You know it means the world.
    Ali x

  3. Hello there!
    Popped over from Hens blog.....loving the French knot one.....very cute!!
    Have a good day!!