Monday, 9 December 2013

I think I'm in love with Julie Arkell

no really, I think I am!!  I was lucky enough to take part in her Make a Scene workshop yesterday at the gorgeous Ray Stitch and was blown away by her and left thoroughly inspired.  Myself and Nicki spent a glorious day surrounded by Julie's work and getting hints and tips in brooch making from the lovely lady herself.

I left the workshop with the above.  We all made one of Julie's World War II brooches as she calls them in the morning and in the afternoon I decided to make a little girl.  The idea evolved as I started making her but I loved this apple print fabric.  The idea of apples got me playing a little word game with myself in my head and I spent a while day dreaming about apples.  In the end I thought of "an apple for the teacher" which lead me to "teacher's pet."  I remembered I had some apple buttons at home and I was keen for her to have a woolly hat (I had even taken some mini pompom makers to the workshop with me!)   Once home I worked on her a little more determined to finish her that same day.   

Ta dahhhhhhhhh!!  Here is my teacher's pet.  I love her and have worn her proudly to work today.  She has received much admiration from friends and colleagues.  I chuckle to myself being a teacher and all!!
 My brain is buzzing with ideas I have taken away from the workshop and now all I can think about is making little people and bits to go with them!!

Love love love
Erin xxx


  1. Such a gorgeous brooch! I also enjoyed your previous brooch post below. I have quite a thing for brooches myself...but you have a very impressive collection of them!
    Marianne x

    1. Thank you Marianne. I think I'm only going to get worse now I can make different brooches myself!! I've made one every day this week (but as gifts for others!) x

  2. They're both so gorgeous Erin! I love Teacher's Pet, so so sweet.

  3. Great to see you loved the day and even better, are now fired up for making more. Bring on the brooches!
    Hen x