Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Hello my lovlies.
What happened to the rest of 2012 and how did it get to be January already? * whoops its now FeB  I started this post AGES ago!!*  I obviously hadn't planned on starting a blog and then abandoning it after only two posts. The last couple of months have been a bit busy to say the least!
So let's go back a bit to what had happened since I spoke to you last.
I had half heartily been looking to move but hadn't put too much effort into my search. In fact i had been downright lazy! I wanted to rent a flat and live on my own. I wanted to be not to far from work, I wanted a separate living room and outdoor access for the cats (oh yeah and cat friendly.) Beyond that I wasn't too fussy. In October half term I walked into one agency and left my details. That was ALL I did!! See I told you I was lazy! Now the thought didn't even occur to me to even keep an eye on the agency's website even. I figured they would contact me if something came up. Even being at my wits end and in dire need for my own space didn't make me put any more effort into the search! Defo very lazy!
I am a very lucky and optimistic person and believe that things always work out for the best. This way of thinking always gets me by and is a pretty good way to live. It means on the whole I'm always happy. Luck was on my side in my flat hunt too. After a couple of weeks doing NOTHING I got a call from a guy at the agency. He started off by saying "I don't know what your style is but I may have somewhere you may be interested in. If you're in to modern then you may not like it, it's quite old fashioned. Would you like to view it?" The very idea of it being old fashioned got me quite excited and upon hearing the location my heart started beating a little faster. It was in the " posh part" of my favourite location. It was a ground floor flat of what i knew were potentially very nice houses (I used to rent a houeshare a few roads away.) However it was out of my budget. I agreed to go and view it and told myself I wouldn't be pressurised into making any quick decisions. It turned out I was viewing it with two other interested parties! Awkward! I loved the flat, so did the other two interested parties. Awkward but such is the nature of the demand for one and two bedroom rental properties.  We all got taken back to the agency and got asked to write down "offers" to the landlord for the amount of rent we would be prepared to pay. I have never heard of anyone doing similar. I figured I had nothing to lose and although I loved the flat it was only the first one I had viewed and was out of my price range. I decided to put in a cheeky offer which was at the top of what I was prepared to pay. I felt if it was the flat for me then I would get it. I had a nervewracking wait till the next day (due to the fact the landlady lives in Australia.) So I got a call the next day to say I was successful. Mine was the lowest offer but was the "most professional." Woo hoo.
I moved in at the end of November and have spent way to much time prettyfiying it and not enough time doing boring things like sorting out my internet and shower!!
Ok, so I'm sure you're all desperate to see some pics but I am at work right now, in my lunch hour trying to not let my blog look so abandoned!
I will come back with another post of a general round up of the AMAZING things that have happened to me since my last proper post.  With plenty of pictures to make up for this one! Promise! I will even include pics of my flat!  *note to self - sort out internet in half term (and a working computer would be useful for blogging right?!*
Have a lovely Tuesday people!
Love love love
Erin xxx


  1. Great that you've documented how you got your lovely Granny Shack Erin! I can confirm it is very pretty indeed. Looking forward to revisiting in the future, especially with your yummy cakes involved :) xxx

  2. Well hello there, nice to see another post, I am going to have to move soon, think I will do an 'Erin' and let something come to me!
    xx Sandi (twiggytoes)

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